San Diego Union Tribune “Conflict seen in race for judge’s post”

San Diego Union Tribune Conflict seen in race for judge’s post  February 26, 2014,  by Sharon Noonan Kramer
“Regarding the Feb. 24 Union Tribune Watchdog article by Greg Moran, ‘Judge candidate feels heat to quit,’ the gist is that a local legal advocacy group was pressured by local judges to drop its endorsement — which it did, of one of its members, Carla Keehn, for Superior Court judge. It was implied that Ms. Keehn should drop from the race [or get off their board of directors]. This would leave sitting judge, Lisa Schall, unopposed.
Not in the article, DA Bonnie Dumanis is also a group member. It raised funds for her re-election. According to Schall’s website, Dumanis endorses Schall’s re-election, as does San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith and ‘all 127 judges of the San Diego Superior Court.’
Would Dumanis prosecute her fundraisers and judges for election tampering on behalf of a judge she endorses? Citizens have a right to vote without elections being fixed.” 
Today’s Damn Questions go to San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis via an email sent to Assistant District Attorneys Sherry Thompson and James Koerber.  Ms. Thompson and Mr. Koerber, if you would be so kind to please forward to DA Dumanis. Thank you.
The Damn Questions:
1. In 2013, did Tom Homann LGBT Law Association (THLA) endorse Carla Keehn for any Superior Court seat  — OR — In 2014, did THLA rewrite Policy #2 while lying to conceal their prior multi-seat endorsement of Keehn? 
2. Is this ADDITIONAL RACKETEERING (see RICO docs by CCFC) by a Judicial Council member; a Gov. Brown judicial appointee; and an alleged “non-profit” civil rights group that is a fundraiser for Dumanis, so that people can’t vote corrupt judge Lisa Schall out of office?
photo: Bonnie Dumanis3. San Diego County District Attorney Dumanis, are you going to investigate/prosecute your fund-raisers and county judges for colluding to fix a County election on behalf of a corrupt judge who you have a history of protecting from prosecution?
Just answer the Damn Questions, Please!  Thank you!
Dumanis Listed Endorsers:
(not listed, Jose Susumo Azano Matsura & thousands of dollars from his associates.) 
Elected & Appointed Officials
San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore
San Diego County Supervisor, Board Chair Greg Cox
San Diego County Supervisor, Vice-Chair Dianne Jacob
San Diego County Supervisor Bill Horn
San Diego County Supervisor Dave Roberts
San Diego County Supervisor Ron Roberts
U.S. Congressman Darrell Issa
Former U.S. Congresswoman Lynn Schenk
California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom
State Senator Joel Anderson
State Senator Marty Block
State Senator Mark Leno
State Senator Mark Wyland
Former State Senator and Assemblymember Dede Alpert
Former State Senator Wadie P. Deddeh
Former State Senator and Assemblymember Christine Kehoe
Assembly Majority Leader and Assemblymember Toni Atkins
Assemblymember Marie Waldron
Former Assemblymember Charlene Zettel
Former Assemblymember Martin Garrick
Former Assemblymember and Chula Vista Councilmember Mary Salas
San Diego Tax Collector/Treasurer Dan McAllister
San Diego Assessor Ernie Dronenburg
Former San Diego Assessor Greg Smith
Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall
Carlsbad City Councilmember Lorraine M. Wood
Coronado Mayor Casey Tanaka
Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox
Escondido Mayor Sam Abed
Lemon Grove Mayor Mary Sessom
National City Mayor Ron Morrison
Poway Mayor Don Higginson
San Marcos Mayor James Desmond
Vista Mayor Judy Ritter
Escondido Deputy Mayor Olga Diaz
National City Councilmember Alejandra Sotelo-Solis
National City Councilmember Luis Natividad
National City Councilmember Mona Rios
Oceanside City Councilmember Gary Felien
Oceanside City Councilmember Esther Sanchez
San Diego City Attorney Jan Goldsmith
Former San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders
San Diego Acting Mayor Todd Gloria
San Diego City Council President Pro-Tem Sherri Lightner
San Diego City Councilmember Kevin Faulconer
San Diego City Councilmember Mark Kersey
San Diego City Councilmember Lorie Zapf
San Diego City Councilmember Scott Sherman
San Diego City Councilmember David Alvarez
San Diego City Councilmember Marti Emerald
San Diego City Councilmember Myrtle Cole
Former San Diego City Councilmember Tony Young
Former San Diego City Councilmember Carl DeMaio
Former San Diego City Councilmember
and Former San Diego County Supervisor Leon Williams
Former San Diego City Councilmember Harry Mathis
Former San Diego City Councilmember Byron Wear
Chairman of Pala Band of Indians Robert H. Smith
Chairman of Viejas Band of Indians Anthony Pico
Former Chairman of Barona Band of Indians Rhonda Welch
Former San Diego County Superintendent of Schools Rudy Castruita
San Diego City Schools Trustee Kevin Beiser
Former San Diego City Schools Trustee Mitz Lee
The Honorable Judge Frank Brown, retired
The Honorable Judge James Miliken, retired
The Honorable Judge Sue Finlay, retired
The Honorable Judge Linda Quinn, retired
The Honorable Judge Peter E. Riddle, retired
Former San Diego County Chief Administrative Officer Walt Ekard
Retired San Diego County Undersheriff Jim Cook
Rear Admiral Ronne Froman, retired
Former Commissioner, California Board of Prison Terms and San Diego Police Department Lt. (Ret.), Tom Giaquinto
National Non-Partisan Latino Peace Officers Association
California Narcotics Officers Association
California Police Chiefs Association
California District Attorney Investigators Association
California Reserve Peace Officers Association
California Association of Code Enforcement Officers
San Diego Police Chiefs’ and Sheriff’s Association
San Diego Black Police Officers Association
San Diego County District Attorney Investigators Association
San Diego Community College Police Officers Association
Crime Victims United
Filipino American Lawyers of San Diego
Lincoln Club of San Diego
Tom Homann Law Association
San Diego Restaurant Association
Neighborhood Market Association
San Diego Downtown Partnership
San Diego Associated Builders and Contractors
San Diego Association of Realtors
California District Attorneys
Nancy O’Malley (Alameda County)
Todd Reibe (Amador County)
Michael Ramsey (Butte County)
Barbara Yook (Calaveras)
Michael A. Petersen (Contra Costa County)
Vern Piersen (El Dorado County)
Elizabeth Egan (Fresno County)
Gilbert Otero (Imperial County)
Art Mallett (Inyo County)
Lisa S. Green (Kern County)
Jackie Lacey (Los Angeles County)
Michael Keitz (Madera County)
Edward Berberian (Marin County)
Larry Morse (Merced County)
Tony Rackauckas (Orange County)
Jan Scully (Sacramento County)
Michael A. Ramos (San Bernadino County)
George Gascon (San Francisco County)
Stephen M.Wagstaffe (San Mateo County)
Joyce E Dudley (Santa Barbara County)
Jeff Rosen (Santa Clara County)
Bob Lee (Santa Cruz County)
Jill Ravitch (Sonoma County)
Birgit Fladager (Stanislaus County)
Gregg Cohen (Tehama County)
Tim Ward (Tulare County)
Greg Totten (Ventura County)
Jeff Reisig (Yolo County)
Patrick McGrath (Yuba County)
Community Leaders
Charles G. Abdelnour
Bob Abel
Bruce M. Abrams
Marjorie P. Acker
Marc Adelman
Michael R Adkins
Kambiz Darafshian Agahnia
Taherh Darafshian Agahnia
Maxwell Agha
Michelle Agha
Andrew S. Albert
Cheryl Alethia Phelps
Walter D. Alexander
Mr Jerrald A. Alford
Steve Allen
Pat Alvarez
Auri Aminpour
Mary Aminpour
King Aminpour
Doc Anthony Anderson, III
J.J. Anderson
Michel Anderson
Madlain P. Arabo
Mark Arabo
Carl A. Arnesen
Terry S. Arnett
Andrea Arreola
Frank V. Arrington
Lesley Ann Ash
Alfred D. Atallah
Richard Atkinson
Raad Attisha
Armando Avakian
Don Azul
Bill Baber
Marci Bair
Theresa Bagg
David Bagheri
Sherry Bahrambeygui
Tia Ballard
Murray Bankhead
Douglas E. Barnhart
Mary Barranger
George Barrante
Albert R. Barret
Beverly Barrett
Dr. Linda Barufaldi
Susan H. Baumann
Robert J. Baumer
Kenneth Baumgarten
William Beach
David Beeson
Martha E. Bekken
Craig Benedetto
Michael J. Benke
Pastor William A. Benson
Eve S. Benton
Jack M. Berkman
Paul L. Black
John M. Blakely
Gerald Blank
Sharon Blanchet
Robert L. Boles
Betty Evans Boone
Paul J. Borden
Catherine Blair
Phil Blair
Tim Blood
Adam Boswell
Lee Bowman
Andrew D. Brooks
Timothy F. Brouillette
Barbara F. Brown
Pastor Floyd Brown, Jr.
Reverand Phillip L. Brown, Sr.
Rev. Gerald Brown
Meredith L. Brown
Mike Brown
Tom Brown
Alan Brubaker
Spiridione Brunetto
Lynn Pechet Bruser
Michael Bruser
Cindy Burke
Barbara Bry
Joel R. Bryant
Mary D. Bush
Michelle Bush
Diane Butler
Santiago Calvillo
Rachel Cano
Elsa Carre
Joan T. Casale
David Casey
Lisa Casey
Richard H. Castle, Jr.
Morris Casuto
Patrick W. Caughey
Arthur Cavada
Manuel Cavada
Allen Cazares
Roy Cazares
Guy Edward Chambers
Sam L. Charry
Han E. Chika
Alfred Chris
John F. Cihak
Elisa Cisneros
Albert Clark
Randall L. Clark
Kathryn Clenney
Tim Cohelan
Henry Coker
Herman Collins
Pastor Don Conley
Judith M. Copeland
Arnold Cordova
Alberto Cortes
Joe Cotchet
George Course
Ruth M. Covell
Lawrence D. Crandall
Nicholas L. Crandall
Gordon D. Cruse
Lawrence M. Cushman
Stephen P. Cushman
Bonni Cutler
Zapaher Dajani
Joe Dallo
Michael Dallo
Mike Dallo
Dominick Dannibale
Patrick W. Daniels
Gina Darvas
Robert Davila
Beatrice Davis
Geoffrey F. Davis
James R. Davis
Jan Davis
Adam Day
Julio De Guzman
Loma De Santis
Perry M. Dealy
Robert R. DeKoven
David K. Demergian
Ralph Denney
Philip J. Diamond M.D.
Jerelyn B. Dilno
Derick Dorner
Karolyn Dorsee
Reverand Charles Dorsey
Jodi Doucette
David C. Doyle
Nancy B. Doyle
Dominic I. Dugo
Ann Dumanis
Deborah Duncan Anderson
Mitchell Dubick
Dean Dunphy
Brian J. Dunn
Diane R. Duvall
Bill Earley
E. Lina Echeverria
William A. Eddy
Gary Edwards
John M. Eger
Anne M. Eichman
Walt Ekard
Jeff Elias
Deirdre D. Elliott
Saide Emamjomeh
Thor Emblem
Jane E. Engelman
Martha Estrada
Reza Fadaei
Janet Fagan
Eric Fallon
Joe Farrage
Bill Farrar
Sharon Feingold
Aaron Feldman
Lou Ferrero
Ron Ferrero Pham
Richard Feuerstein
Franne M. Ficara
Jerry Fick
James L. Fitzpatrick
Armando Flores
Ken Fortier
Everett Franks
Elizabeth A. French
Kimberly A. Fritz
Barbara Gagen
Elaine Galinson
Claudia D. Garcia
Nancy Gardner
Carole Garrett
Nancy Nevin
David Noonan
Dr. Peter Norland
Reverand Chuck Norris
David Norris
Barry Nussbaum
Ty Odeh
Ann O’Dell
Colleen O’Harra
Joseph V. O’Leary
Dene Oliver
Arturo O’Malley
Leonard M. Okun, M.D.
Elizabeth Pacheco Ballard
Diana Palacios
Barbara Pearson
Carrie Pearson
Bryan Pendleton
Thomas D. Penfield
Robert W. Peterson
Regina Petty
Justine M. Phillips
Michael W. Phillips
Darold Pieper
James Pieri
Rita Pirkl
Theresa Player
Michael Polanco
Ramin Pourteymour
Beverly Powazek
Conrad T. Prebys
Nadia Provenzano
Jamie Quient
Jared M. Quient
Manuel Ramirez
Erica Ramsey
Alan Rappaport
Jane Rappaport
Robert A. Rauch
Sandra Redman
Glenn Revell
Sue Reynolds
Keith B. Rhodes
Cathryn Richman
Lawrence Richman
Brian Riley
Paula Robinson
Rich Robinson
Robert Robinson
Jesse Rodriguez
Lisa Rodriguez
Paul Rodriguez
Teri Rodriguez
Michael C. Rogers
Nancy Rohland
Eric Rollason
Patti Roscoe
Charles S. Roseman
Allison Rossett
Ted Rossin
Heather Rosing
Allan Royster
Carlos C. Ruan
Dr. Budd Rubin
Cheryl Ruffier
Frank P. Ruffino
Sandeeo Rugg
Robert E. Rump
Renee Rupp
Ed Ryan
Hal Ryan
Thomas J. Ryan
Amy Rypinslaw
Richard N. Sager
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Wendy Santos
Gail Saucedo
Sal Saucedo
Elizabeth Savage
Dr. Gregory Scoth
Marc Schaefer
Frederick Schenk
Shari Schenk
Fredrick Schnaubelt
Louis Schooler
Bernard Schulman
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Elizabeth Schulman
Enid F. Schwartz
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Pastor L.J. Thomas
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Maxine Thompson Richardson
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Are HUNDREDS of U.S. citizens willing to be filmed telling intricate, detailed lies – OR – are the United States courts wrought with corruption and cronyism? Watch the videos, Congress, and then Just Answer The Damn Question!

Corruption and Burn Out

On Sunday, December 2, 2012, Mr. William Windsor of Lawless America wrote, “700 Videos now posted exposing Government Corruption and Judicial Corruption by the Lawless America Revolution” He also wrote, “Now when you watch one of our YouTube videos, please click the LIKE button, and please click SHARE to post it on your Facebook page.  It is up to each and every one of us to spread the word about the need to save America.

To watch the 700 videos, which are stated to only be half of those already filmed to be shared with Congress and to read more of this peaceful revolution to restore integrity in US gov’t and US courts, please go to the website of LAWLESS AMERICATo see videos about a specific topic or from a specific state, use the Playlists

Please forward this blog to others who would like to help Mr. Windsor and the self professed “Nobodies” restore integrity in U.S. state and federal courts and government.

Thank you for your help,

Sharon Noonan Kramer 

PS. To read the Honorable Katherine Feinstein’s comments regarding the lack of credibility and integrity in the California judicial system, go to “One Legal Online Court Service”  Judge Feinstein is the Presiding Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court.  She is also  a past member of the California Commission on Judicial Performance and the daughter of U.S. Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein. Senator Feinstein is married to University of California Regent, Richard Blum.

Did officers of the Appellate Court commit fraud on the court in a September 2010 appellate opinion by falsely stating a judgment that was never entered – or – does the Appellate Court not have jurisdiction now to hear an appeal under C.C.P. 664 because the sole foundational document to this case, the judgment from the prior case, is known to the officers of this court to be a void judgment? Just answer the damn question!

November 15, 2012

Civil Case Information Statement Attachment

Appellate Case No. D062764

Superior Court Case No. 37-2010-00061530-CU-DF-NC

Bruce J. Kelman (et. al.) v. Sharon Kramer

Document read in pdf

In lawful accordance with Code of Civil Procedure 1209(b) which states, “A speech or publication reflecting upon or concerning a court or an officer thereof shall not be treated or punished as a contempt of the court unless made in the immediate presence of the court while in session and in such a manner as to actually interfere with its proceedings.” and in accordance with the First Amendment of Constitution of the United States, this court filing may be read online at the blog “Just Answer the Damn Question!”.

It is under the title of “Did officers of the Appellate Court commit fraud on the court in a September 2010 appellate opinion by falsely stating a judgment that was never entered – or –  does the Appellate Court not have jurisdiction now to hear an appeal under C.C.P. 664 because the sole foundational document to this case, the judgment from the prior case, is known to the officers of this court to be a void judgment? Just answer the damn question!”

This is a limited civil case under $25,000.00.

Part I.


On July 2, 2012, a judgment was entered by default for $1.00 after the court held a trial with no subject matter jurisdiction, and no notification it was proceeding with the trial.

On January 19, 2012, $19,000.00+ was awarded to the plaintiff(s) with no stated reason in writing or orally; and a lien was placed on Sharon Kramer’s property.

On July 2, 2012, $7,200+ was awarded to plaintiffs in attorney fees, because Sharon Kramer refused to appear before a court, with no subject matter jurisdiction, that had incarcerated her in March of 2012, had her unlawfully strip searched, caused her bodily harm and emotional distress for refusing to commit criminal perjury and sign a known false confession of being guilty of libel over a writing impacting public health, which also contained the false sentence, “I do not believe Dr. Kelman committed perjury” – when he did to establish false theme for malice and officers of this court concealed it in two appellate opinions.

On July 2, 2012, $3,000 in sanctions were issued with more threat of incarceration because Sharon Kramer refused to publish a false confession on the internet of being guilty of libel with actual malice for a sentence she never even wrote – which would aid to conceal this Appellate Court framed her for libel for a completely different sentences in two appellate opinions; one in the November 2006 anti-SLAPP opinion and again in September 2010 as they suppressed the evidence Bruce Kelman committed perjury to establish false theme for malice.


I have a degree in marketing from Ole Miss and am an advocate for integrity in health marketing when setting public health policies. In 2005, I wrote of how a scientific fraudulent concept was mass marketed into US public health policy that it was scientifically proven moldy buildings do not harm. This was for the purpose to mislead courts to deny liability of moldy building stakeholders for causation of illness.

 The fraudsters sued me for libel for five words in the writing “altered his under oath statements”. The Case No. is GIN044539.  The compromised officers of the CA courts aided the fraudsters to falsely deem me guilty of libel.

In two appellate opinions they made the writing appear to have made a false accusation that it did not make, thereby aiding to cast doubt on all my words and aiding the fraud to continue to flourish and grow.  The anti-SLAPP Case No. is D047758.  On appeal after trial the Case No. is D054496.

In both appellate opinions, officers of the court also suppressed the evidence that the fraudsters committed perjury to establish libel law required reason for malice and that a retired U.S. Assistant Surgeon General, Bryan Hardin, is an undisclosed party to the litigation on the Certificate of Interested Persons. He was also a paid for hire co-author the scientific fraud for the US Chamber of Commerce and a compromised US policy setting medical association, the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (ACOEM), the subjects of my writing of how the scientific fraud became policy. 

In January of 2011, Appellate Justice Patricia Benke refused to recall and rescind the fraudulent remittitur which awarded costs to “respondents” when there was only one “respondent” disclosed on the September 2009 Certificate of Interested Persons, Bruce Kelman.  She refused to set aside the known void judgment on record that was inconsistent with the stated judgment on record in the fraudulent September 2010 Appellate Opinion and inconsistent with the Abstract of Judgment and Lien recorded on Sharon Kramer’s property by the San Diego Superior Court.

Attached hereto collectively as EXHIBIT 1 are: i.) the first page of the September 2010 Appellate Opinion falsely stating a judgment had been entered in Sharon Kramer’s favor, ii.) the judgment document as submitted by Kelman as the foundation for this second case in November 2010, with no mention of Sharon Kramer being awarded a judgment or being a trial prevailing party iii) the December 20, 2010 Remittitur stating “respondents” were disclosed on appeal, iv.) the September 13, 2009 Certificate of Interested Persons only disclosing Kelman as a party on appeal, v.) July 2005, except of declaration of Sharon Kramer showing Bryan Hardin was a known party to the litigation all along, yet not disclosed on Certificates of Interested Persons vi.) December 30, 2008 Abstract of Judgment that differs from both the void judgment document that is the sole foundation of this case, and the stated judgment in the fraudulent September 2010 Appellate Opinion; and vii.) Office of the Court, Justice Benke’s, January 2011, refusals to recall and rescind the fraudulent remittitur and vacate the void judgment.)
In a second case, this case, in which the falsified and void judgment from the first case is the sole foundational document, they have tried to gag me of what they have done and the continued adverse impact on the public because of it.  In March 2012 they put me in jail for refusing to sign a false confession of being guilty of libel w/actual malice, had me unlawfully strip searched, caused me bodily harm and emotional distress, gave me a false criminal record for alleged civil contempt, and then libeled me by falsifying the Sheriff Dept record to conceal what they had done.  

My signature on the false confession would have absolved the collusive misconduct of the fraudsters, officers of the courts and their clerks that have aided $B in the defrauding of the public in a cost shifting scheme off of insurers and onto taxpayers for the burden of cost of environmental illness, death and disability.

Since the foundational document to the second case is void, the San Diego Superior officers of the court have been harassing me, jailing me, harming me physically, sanctioning me and trying to intimidate me into silence with no subject matter jurisdiction.  No jurisdiction = no judicial immunity for criminal misconduct of putting me in jail, falsifying court documents, etc. The numerous document falsifications by officers of the court and their clerks are in violation of Government Code 6203(a) which states, “Every officer authorized by law to make or give any certificate or other writing is guilty of a misdemeanor if he or she makes and delivers as true any certificate or writing containing statements which he or she knows to be false”, This is far more than a misdemeanor. It is billions in financially motivated hate crimes against the environmentally disabled with the compromised officers of the courts and their document falsifying clerks now desperate to conceal their unlawful roles in aiding it.

Needless to say, I have no intention of being silenced of the science fraud in policy and what the compromised leaders of the Ca judicial branch have done and continue to do to aid it; and to conceal their role in aiding it, while lives continue to be devastated daily.  This has been going on for seven and a half years and has taken my husband and me to the brink of poverty. 

I’m not shutting up until Justices Judith McConnell and Justice Richard Huffman of the Fourth District Division One Appellate Court in San Diego, CA, et. al., are removed from the bench and put behind bars for their collusive crimes against humanity, defrauding of the taxpayer of billions of dollars and treason against the United States Constitution they are sworn under oath to uphold.  Their clerk, Stephen Kelly, threatened me that McConnell would deem me a vexatious litigant if I filed anything in the appellate court regarding his falsification the December 2010 Remittitur under seal of the State of California.

McConnell is the former Chairwoman of the CA Comm on Judicial Performance (CJP). Huffman, the former Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Judicial Council (JC) for 14 years. This is the most powerful position in the CA judicial branch. I have him for fraud on the court in an appellate opinion to conceal that the judgement is void and fraudulent; and that they have tried to use the void judgment as a valid legal document to shut me up of officers of the CA courts colluding to defraud the public on behalf of the affiliates of the US Chamber of Commerce. 

So far, I can show direct evidence of twelve San Diego judiciaries being hands on involved, several clerks falsifying documents with the State Bar, CJP, JC, CA Chief Justice and local DA shielding them and aiding and abetting in the continuing harassment to try to silence and discredit me. Judge Thomas Nugent just lost his courtroom of 20 years in the North San Diego County Superior Court and they have brought a new man up to bat, Judge Robert Dahlquist, who can’t seem to grasp he has no legal jurisdiction to tell me to do anything while he is now also colluding to defraud.  Again, no valid legal document for foundation of case = no jurisdiction = no judicial immunity for conspiring to defraud the public in financially motivated hate crimes of the environmentally ill, disabled and dying – and their advocate, me.  I am also being cyberstalked by the “The Courthouse Gang” with the local district attorney refusing to take action to protect me, even though she knows I am fearful for my life from the massive fraud I have exposed in public health policy and in the California courts.

The above is just the CA courts’ and the local DA’s involvement. I can show direct evidence of much more involvement in WashingtonDC, in several federal and state agencies, and down both sides of the isle in both Congress and in the Senate aiding and benefiting from the scientific fraud remaining in policy directly because of the unlawful actions of the CA courts trying to silence and discredit me. It has been extremely difficult to get this matter to public light because of all the misinformation being spread over this matter and officers of the courts repeatedly libeling me to make me appear to be a malicious liar.

The matter is actually quite simple: I exposed fraud that was written into policy on behalf of the financial interests of affiliates of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and adverse to public health. Officers of the courts framed me for libel to make me look like a liar to aid the fraud to continue be able to sell doubt of causation of environmental illnesses in courts all across the US. Now they want me silenced by hook or by crook so they can stay on the bench and continue to aid this fraud that is nothing more than a financially motivated hate crime of me and the environmentally disabled and to aid many more frauds that are occurring in the courts of California by incestuously compromised officers of the courts.


Required to be served on the State Solicitor General at the Office of the Attorney
General under Unruh: 51.1.  

This case is the continuance of over seven years worth of fraud on the court and a
hate crime by officers of the court, their clerks and the plaintiffs against an 
advocate for the environmentally disabled, Sharon Kramer. It is to conceal they 
have unlawfully aided and abetted a scientific fraud to remain in U.S. public 
health and California workman’s compensation policy by framing Sharon Kramer for 
libel with actual malice for exposing the financially motivated scientific fraud 
in policy that is adverse to the environmentally disabled; exposing how it came 
to be policy; and exposing who was involved in mass marketing the scientific fraud
for the purpose of misleading U.S. courts to deny liability for causation of 
environmental illnesses.  

"Disability" means any mental or physical disability as defined in Sections 12926 
of the Government Code.  The relevant section of this code state, k)"On the bases 
enumerated in this part" means or refers to discrimination on the basis of one or 
more of the following:…physical disability, mental disability, medical condition…
(l) "Physical disability" includes, but is not limited to, all of the following:
(1) Having any physiological disease, disorder, condition…that does both of the 
following:(A) Affects one or more of the following body systems: neurological, 
immunological, musculoskeletal, special sense organs, respiratory, including 
speech organs, cardiovascular, reproductive,digestive, genitourinary, hemic and 
lymphatic, skin, and endocrine.(B) Limits a major life activity. For purposes of 
this section:(i) "Limits" shall be determined without regard to mitigating 
measures such as medications, assistive devices, prosthetics, or reasonable 
accommodations, unless the mitigating measure itself limits a major life activity.
(ii) A physiological disease, disorder, condition..limits a major life activity 
if it makes the achievement of the major life activity difficult.(iii) "Major life
 activities" shall be broadly construed and includes physical, mental, and social 
activities and working.(2) Any other health impairment not described in paragraph 
(1) that requires special education or related services. (6)(n) "…physical 
disability, mental disability, medical condition,.." includes a perception that 
the person has any of those characteristics or that the person is associated with 
a person who has, or is perceived to have, any of those characteristics.
Under Penal Code 422.55(a) “Hate crime” means a criminal act committed, in whole 
or in part, because of one or more of the following actual or perceived 
characteristics of the victim:(1) Disability.(7) Association with a person or 
group with one or more of these actual or perceived characteristics.(b) "Hate 
crime" includes, but is not limited to, a violation of Section 422.6. which states
(a) No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall by force or threat 
of force, willfully injure, intimidate, interfere with, oppress, or threaten any 
other person in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured 
to him or her by the Constitution or laws of this state or by the Constitution or 
laws of the United States in whole or in part because of one or more of the actual
 or perceived characteristics of the victim listed in subdivision (a) of Section 
422.55.(b) No person, whether or not acting under color of law, shall knowingly 
deface, damage, or destroy the real or personal property of any other person for 
the purpose of intimidating or interfering with the free exercise or enjoyment of 
any right or privilege secured to the other person by the Constitution or laws of 
this state or by the Constitution or laws of the United States, in whole or in 
part because of one or more of the actual or perceived characteristics of the 
victim listed in subdivision (a) of Section 422.55.
Unruh states, “If a violation of Section 51, 51.5, 51.7, 51.9, or 52.1 is alleged 
or the application or construction of any of these sections is in issue in any 
proceeding in the Supreme Court of California, a state court of appeal, or the 
appellate division of a superior court, each party shall serve a copy of the party
's brief or petition and brief, on the State Solicitor General at the Office of 
the Attorney General. No brief may be accepted for filing unless the proof of 
service shows service on the State Solicitor General. Any party failing to comply 
with this requirement shall be given a reasonable opportunity to cure the failure 
before the court imposes any sanction and, in that instance, the court shall allow
the Attorney General reasonable additional time to file a brief in the matter.”

A. 12. Forced court filing under duress because of collusive misconduct by 
officers of the court and falsification of court documents. Fraud on the court by 
officers of the court, clerks and plaintiffs in financially motivated hate crimes 
against the environmentally disabled and their advocate, Sharon Kramer.  Need for 
court to recall and rescind the fraudulent anti-SLAPP opinion of November of 2006,
then step down off the bench.


Bruce J. Kelman, President of Veritox, Inc.,

Attorney of Record, Keith Scheuer, Esq.  State Bar # 82797

Undisclosed parties to the litigation. (Attached hereto as EXHIBIT 2,  is the evidence that the Appellate Court is aware the void judgment from the prior case, which is the foundation of this case, awarded costs to the following five people and owners of Veritox, who Kramer prevailed over in the August 2008 trial)

  1. Bryan Hardin, Retired Assistant U.S. Surgeon General; Deputy Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Protection National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health; owner of Veritox, Inc.,
  2. Coreen Robbins, owner of Veritox, Inc.
  3. Loni Swenson, owner of Veritox, Inc.
  4. Robert Schreibe, owner of Veritox, Inc.
  5. Robert Clark, owner of Veritox, Inc.

Officers of the Court and Clerks who falsified court documents; suppressed evidence of plaintiff perjury, plaintiff counsel suborning of perjury, concealed parties to the litigation, and framed a United States citizen for libel with actual malice; then attempted to use a known void judgment document to conceal the collusive misconduct in a second case, this case, in financially motivated hate crimes of the environmentally disabled and their advocate, Sharon Kramer.

Keith Scheuer, Esq.

Tracey Sang, Esq.

Judge Michael Orfield (retired)

Justice Judith McConnell

Justice Cynthia Aaron

Justice Alex MacDonald

Judge Lisa Schall and her clerk, Michael Garland

Judge Joel Pressman

Judge William Dato and his clerk

Justice Patricia Benke

Justice Joanne Irrion

Clerk of the Appellate Court, Stephen Kelly

Judge Thomas Nugent and his clerks, Cheryl Karini and Alan Lum

Judge Earl Mass III

Judge Robert Dahlquist

Judge Robert Trentacosta,

Judge Kevin Enright

Chief Justice Ronald George

Chief Justice Tawny Cantil-Sayauke

Judicial Council Chairman Douglas Miller

Judicial Council Member Noreen Evans

Judicial Council Member Michael Feuer

Clerk of the San Diego Superior Court, Michael Roddy

District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis, who receives millions annually in funding to stop insurer fraud and hate crimes in San Diego county, and instead has chosen to gain unfair advantage in county litigations by shielding mass corruption in the San Diego courts including but not limited to the Fourth District Division One Court of Appeals. 

November 15, 2012                                     _______________________________

                                                                              Sharon Kramer, United States citizen            

                                                                              and Appellant Under Duress

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