Got a damn question?

Just Answer The Damn Question!

Is there some politician, corporation or government body that is adversely impacting your life and who just can’t seem to give straight answers to your valid questions? Are you asking questions about matters that other people don’t even know is adversely impacting them; or know the question needs to be publicly asked and answered by a powerful decision maker?
Perhaps we may be of assistance to you to help illuminate a serious matter in question that deserves a damn answer!
How it works is simple.  Email your questions that deserve a damn answer to titled your email “Damn Question.   If we think your question is one that other people might also benefit from knowing the answer (or at least knowing the damn question was directly asked), we will send you back an email to firm up the details of where we need to hard copy mail your question and to whom.  We will let you know the day that your question will be posted forever on the Internet for all to see and for all to be able to add their comments, too.  If and when we get any damn answers to your questions, we will post those on Just Answer The Damn Question! when they become available.
The reason we are doing this is that there seem to be far too damn many important questions going unanswered in this country, causing a lack of accountability and a decline in our society.  We are a non-partisan blog.  We don’t care what political affiliation or how big someone’s office is.  If they are sidestepping damn important questions we will push for damn important answers.
We would love to be able to provide this much needed public service for free.  But time is money.  In order to help you and others bring  issues to greater public light;  we need to charge a nominal fee for letter composing, mailing , website maintenance, etc. 
So, for a $10 fee, we will ask and mail the question on your behalf.  We will post your question, the name of the recipient and the letter we send on your behalf, on the Just Answer the Damn Question! blog. 
No payment is required from you unless we decide to ask the questions you send to   We can ask annonymously on your behalf, or list your name as the question asker, which ever you desire.
In the meantime, we will ask a  few questions of our own that need some damn answers from decision makers – or at least the public needs to know the damn questions were directly asked.   These will be from our sister Blog, Katy’s Exposure, Exposing Environmental Health Threats & Those Responsible For Them.
Sharon Noonan Kramer

One Response to Got a damn question?

  1. Very nice…and a tremendous idea…and, I will let you know…


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